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How to Add ads.txt to Shopify

Hello friends, on this page I am going to show you how to add ads.txt to shopify stores in two simple steps.

I assume that you already have created your ads.txt e file on your system and also logged into your shopify admin dashboard.

To add ads.txt to your shopify store you simply click on the settings Tab on the left bottom in your admin dashboard interface then look for files module click on it, next upload ads.txt file by clicking upload file button on the right top, then wait for a minute and refresh your page and then copy the link to the uploaded ads.txt file by clicking the copy button on the right to the filename –  ads.txt 

  1. Login to shopify admin area
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Files
  4. Click upload file
  5. Upload ads.txt
  6. Copy ads.txt file CDN link
  7. Click Online Store
  8. Click Navigation
  9. Click View All Redirects
  10. Create a Redirect
  11. Type /ads.txt
  12. paste ads.txt file CDN link
  13. Click Save Redirect.
  14. Visit