How to Install Docker-CLI Windows 10 Pro

install docker windows

Install docker on Windows 10 make sure your Windows 10 is Windows 10 Pro otherwise you cannot install docker on Windows 10.  The second thing I am going to use chocolatey, that is another automation tool for Microsoft Windows to install and uninstall packages.  Install chocolatey, if you haven’t yet Here’s a video that will … Read more

How to Install Chocolatey on Windows

install chocolatey

How to install Chocolatey on Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003+ and download, unzip, un-conpress, packages/software and install them on the fly with choco install package_name command. There are more than 7000 packages available as of January 2020 in the Chocolatey package directory and you can install all of them without visiting software repository page … Read more