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Content Strategy to Attract Clients For Web Developers

If you are a web developer and looking for clients but do not know how to attract clients from almost any industry then this post will help you understand how top web development agencies attract clients.

Before you start pitching to your clients and start spending money on ads or writing blog post; you should find your target market/industry/niche.

Then you should try to understand why they are not able to get business/customers through the web channels like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube.

You can also go ahead and check their websites and what are pros and cons of the tech stack they are using.

We are already in the post covid-19 era and many offline publishing houses and e-commerce businesses have shut-down and people are afraid to roam and shop like before. 

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are evolving and advancing everyday with new features for its existing and new users, content publishers, e-commerce businesses, companies, and self-employed people. 

All these Tech companies are trying to do is to make the transition from traditional publication houses and traditional retail marketplaces, local market places to online, in the easiest and the quickest manner.

This is where the WordPress comes in the picture, which helps all types of businesses, companies, publishing and media houses with its most up-to-date features to publish content and sell products and services on both social media and search engines at the same time with less effort.

But in case if you’re looking for a more custom and scalable approach towards publishing content and selling products online for your business then you must talk to WordPress VIP consultants, they will offer data driven advice and a more robust system.

WordPress VIP offers more scalable features than the standard WordPress for publishing/media houses and e-commerce businesses. 

Here is how media/publishing houses and e-commerce businesses have been utilising WordPress CMS and e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce) to achieve their marketing goals and serve their existing customers and acquire new customers and clients online and scale.

WordPress for media/publishing clients

To attract media and publishing clients, I’ll share the success stories of media and publishing houses using WordPress VIP across the world then I would say that these are the features they like and that is why these media companies prefer WordPress for publishing and distributing content. 

  1. WordPress has easy to use dashboard/admin interface, which save time and money while onboarding new staff and does not require much training
  1. Media/Publishing houses get scalable features with WordPress VIP, which is highly scalable and clients don’t need to have in-house WordPress developers to manage and scale
  2. Shareability and repurposing content becomes easy with WordPress 
  1. Clients create more content with WordPress in less time
  1. Creating and managing users and assigning roles is another WordPress feature that lets writers, editors, admins and SEOs work at the same time
  1. You can publish all types of content with WordPress (video, images, text content) and share it on appropriate social media channels
  1. WordPress comes with few automation features that are available to VIP clients that saves time in creating and promoting content
  1. WordPress built-in analytical tools tells what content is performing well and going viral in almost real time

WordPress for e-commerce clients

To attract e-commerce businesses and clients I will explain how WordPress has help thousands of eCommerce businesses and clients across the globe selling products and services using woocommerce which is SEO friendly out of the box and when people launch their store with WordPress woocommerce it becomes easier to rank products on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and also makes it available on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and on Google Shopping platform as well.

E-commerce store owners are easily able to create all kinds of content with WordPress that get indexed by search engines automatically. Clients can cross promote their products on the created posts, pages, images, and videos.

WordPress woocommerce features that are talked most about by The e-commerce owners.

  1. WordPress is SEO friendly out the box that makes product/services visible on search engines without hiring an SEO
  2. WordPress gives full control over the system and it is fully customizable and scalable, this meant to customize WordPress store to display the look and feel of your business, which makes your store recognizable, unique and set apart from others. 
  3. WordPress publishes your products on social media channels (facebook, pinterest, instagram), which are now called social shops.
  4. WordPress is already accessibility ready

CMS competing with WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress is by far the most used CMS out there, however, there are still few traditional competitors like Drupal, Joomla and in recent years Node JS and JavaScript powered CMS like Ghost have appeared and static site generators like Jekyll, GatsbyJS and Hugo, that are being talked about among the developer community. 

But my personal experience has been with Magento and Shopify that are basically WooCommerce competitors. I have also done onpage SEO and created internal links on PrestaShop, OpenCart and a few custom built ecommerce stores.

I migrated one Magento store to woocommerce a few years back and I have optimized a few Shopify stores. 

Both Magento and Shopify have a bit of learning, Shopify does not give full control to the user. You do not get that SEO benefit out of the box like that you get with WordPress and WooCommerce.