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How to Enable Linux Ubuntu Noise Cancellation

How to enable noise cancellation on Linux Ubuntu, echo-canceled feature

I’m going to show you how to enable noise cancellation or echo cancelled feature on Ubuntu 16.04 and above this may work on 14.04 and 15.10 too.

Definitely going to work on 17.1 0 and above. this is my 16.04 and I am using a USB webcam it’s Logitech c310 and it was producing a lot of noise so I figured out; basically I had to search a lot and I found this code.

I’m going to show you how it works, once it’s enabled. I’ll show you how to enable it. It’s just one line of code which you have to put somewhere I will show you, once it’s enabled.

Let me go ahead and show you how to enable it; so first of all let’s go ahead and launch the terminal and this is the terminal and let’s go ahead enlarge it and then type sudo I’m going to use sublime you can use any text editor like Nano whatever gedit and then you go to etc’ folder then you go to cows okay and then ability for dot g a press enter and then type in the password and press enter

And this is the basically line you have to go to so it’s it’s on 100 and under this section basically 139 line number the line number may vary on your operating system if you’re not using 16.04 and ok so make sure you are you can put it wherever you want but sounds very much organized so it’s under you can see modules to allow order loading of filters such as echo cancellation.

So you can search for it and then type this line of code just one line of code and let me enlarge it so it slowed – module space module – echo – cancel and once you’ve written it simply save it close.

$ sudo nano /etc/pulse/

### Enable Echo/Noise-Cancelation
load-module module-echo-cancel aec_method=webrtc aec_args="analog_gain_control=0 digital_gain_control=1" source_name=echoCancel_source sink_name=echoCancel_sink
set-default-source echoCancel_source
set-default-sink echoCancel_sink

To stop and restart the pulse audio

$ pulseaudio -k
$ pulseaudio --start

You have to restart your Ubuntu so make sure you restart your computer and once its up. Simply go to settings and then go to sound and the sound you go to input, then under input you will see one more option with go cancel with built-in audio and log studio so you have to select it. this is the the recently in a predict you cancelled feature.

Once it’s selected, just close it this is going to be available for any other screencast recorder or any webcam like cheese or something similar to that so to enable it on Kasam or Cheese if you are using simply open it go to file and preferences are not about preferences basically go to preferences and then you see under microphone I’ve selected a go cancel one before I was using webcam c310 and it was producing lot of noise.

So once I’ve selected it and restarted my Kazam it’s producing good quality sound now and the noise has gone so this is how you can disable sorry enable the noise on your input microphone or webcam