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15 May 2020 — Written by TubeMint
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I remember when I started blogging I hosted my website on a shared hosting and later on I had to move to a managed wordpress hosting provider and at that time the competition amongst the web hosting service providers was not this much as we have today. But luckily I could do it myself, Since I was using WordPress and I was a junior wordpress developer at that time and I also did not want to pay this company for our website migration.

But today we have lots of options and there are many web hosting service provider companies that offer free site migration and free SSL certificate forever and content management eco systems have also improved and advanced so the process has become a bit easier than it used to be.

But no businesses want to take risk and want you to have a smooth and easier transition from one to another web hosting server and if it is done by a team of experts with assurance and within a time frame. Then most businesses don't feel like they have moved their website from one server to another.

Such web hosting companies are good for small businesses, who do not have expertise or cannot afford to pay for the migration fee with an annual hosting package.

Free Site Transfer

site transfer

Free SSL Certificate

free ssl


I have also answered frequently asked questions as per Google, you can find them below. I hope this is going to be helpful to you in choosing a better web hosting service provider company.

What is site migration?

When a website is moved from one web hosting provider to another that process is called site migration and also called site transfer. In the process of site migration basically you also change your server IP address and due to the change of IP address search engines take some time to reconsider your ranking position. It is recommended to move your side to a dedicated IP address. Moving a site from a dedicated web hosting server to a shared hosting will result in decreased ranking.

How much does it cost to migrate a website?

There are some web hosting providers that offer website migration for free and there are still few web hosting service providers charging for Website migration. This is in case you are transferring your website to a shared hosting or managed web hosting. but if you are going to purchase a dedicated web hosting server or VPS web hosting, in most of the cases they charge and this may range between $50 to $200.

Does Bluehost Offer Free Migration?

Some of my clients use bluehost and I've also seen bluehost website and to check if they offer free migration but I do not see free migration option on any type of web hosting they are currently offering so at the moment they have shared hosting, VPS hosting, managed wordpress hosting and dedicated web server hosting and none of them offer free site transfer and migration.