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How to Recover MS PowerPoint Files – Lost/Unsaved

This tutorial will help you recover lost/unsaved Microsoft Office PowerPoint files. In case of PowerPoint accidentally closed down or you deleted the PPT file and now you want to recover it. This page may help you recover your hours of PowerPoint work done.

Technology Disclaimer: I will be demonstrating the PowerPoint recovery process on Windows 10 custom built workstation. If you are using Windows OS desktop, laptop, workstation, surface pro, and Windows tablet, you should not have any issue following this step by step instruction.

However, if you using Mac OS, then I assume that you are smart enough to navigate through the PowerPoint menu options to replicate the same on your system.

Important: I am using MS Office 2013. So, I assume that you have at least MS Office 2013. Office 2010 and below don’t have autosave and auto-recovery options at all.

Now, let us recover your PowerPoint lost, unsaved, accidentally closed, and deleted files.

Launch Office PowerPoint

There are many ways you can launch application on Windows system. I am going to use the Start Menu to find the application and launch it.

Search for ‘powerpoint’ and hit Enter

Create a blank presentation

Create a blank presentation, if you are already in the process of designing your PowerPoint Presentation. Please stay there to follow the next step.

Click “FILE” for PowerPoint Options

Click “FILE” on the left for the FILE drop-down menu.

Click ‘Options’ for PowerPoint Options Windows

Upon clicking the ‘FILE’ tab/button, you’ll be presented with FILE drop-down menu. Now, scroll down and look for ‘Options’ and click it.

Click Options

PowerPoint Windows – Save Options

Upon clicking “Options” you’ll be presented with PowerPoint Options window like shown below, now, look for ‘Save’ on the left and click ‘Save’.

Locate ‘AutoRecovery file location’ and copy recovery folder path. Look at the picture below for more clarity.

Click ‘Save’ and copy the recovery folder path

On my Windows 10, the PowerPoint Recovery folder path looks like this.


Navigate to the recovery folder

Let’s navigate to the PowerPoint recovery folder, with the help of Windows Explorer. To open Windows Explorer, you can handy shortcut [ Windows key + e ].

open Windows Explorer

Paste in the recovery folder path

Locate the > Quick Access > the URI field

put your mouse cursor in here

Paste in the PowerPoint Recovery folder location path

Paste in the recovery location path and hit enter

Find your lost/unsaved/deleted PowerPoint Files

Here you can find your lost, unsaved, deleted, and accidentally closed PowerPoint files. Once you find them, double click to open them, then you must save as them in a different folder of your choice and open them from newly saved folder instead.

I hope, this tutorial helped you in recovering your PowerPoint files.

Watch me recover PowerPoint files

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