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Shopify Metafields: How to Create & Display

This post will help you create and display Shopify metafields with video guide. The only requirement is that your store must have Shopify 2.0 compatible theme. I am using Dawn theme which was launched at Shopify 2.0 unite 2021. Need help with Shopify website theme development?

Shopify metafields has only two types of metafields available to use at the moment and a few are coming soon features. We can only create custom metafields for products and variants at the moment but we have multiple data types for our custom metafields to choose from for our store.

shopify metafields for products and variants
Shopify Metafields Options

Create Shopify Metafields

To create Shopify metafields, you simply have to select one part from the listed and available page templates above and click Add Definition from the right top.

Enter Metafields’ name and definition and select content type for your metafields.

Click Add Definition to Add new Shopify metafields

Shopify Metafields Content Types

Here is list of content types for Shopify metafields that you can create content to extend your store. After entering metafields’ name and definition, click Select content type and explore the available content types for your custom field. Try to be specific as possible, its good for SEO and user experience too.

Shopify Metafields Content Types

Display Shopify Metafields

To display Shopify metafields on your store, you need to visit your theme customizer and select the Product Default Template and Add content block from the left. Here you position your custom content block by dragging dropping at desired position.

And from the right, you can use Dynamic Data Suorce

Metafields’ Dynamic Source

Metafields’ Dynamic Source

Metafields’ Custom Liquid

Custom Liquid for Shopify Metafields