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Best WordPress Web & Cloud Hosting

Web hosting services make it possible to host website without owning the web service at home. These web hosting services let anybody host their application, software, websites on the web and that becomes accessible to the world via the World Wide Web.

When it comes to hosting wordpress website or blog, there is no difference and you do not require any sort of dedicated hosting service to setup softwares to make your WordPress available on the world wide web. However, everybody wants their website to load faster and search engines like Google Bing Yahoo like ranking websites that load fast on the client’s Browser so clearly that is a ranking factor. There are few web hosting companies that optimise their servers for WordPress and they charge extra for it.

What’s Your Requirement?

There are few things that you definitely want to keep in mind when you are going to purchase a web hosting service for your WordPress website. 

The very first thing is you must know your requirement

  1. if you only have to publish content I mean plain text then any sort of web hosting is going to be enough for you. 
  2. If you have to to post text with media like images then you need to optimise your images and wordpress has free and paid image optimization plugins that will help you optimise images. if you have multiple images on a post or a page then you need to consider a good web hosting plan along with a CDN.
  3. If you post rich content that may include text, multiple images, video, and animation You need to have a dedicated  web hosting server and web optimisation skill set as well.
  4. If you are planning to sell something online using woocommerce plugin for WordPress, again, I would suggest you go with dedicated web hosting server. Use cdn, minification plugins image Optimisation plugins. 

In all the cases I would always recommend that you should look for NGNIX server over Apache server, SSD over HDD, most importantly host your website at a local web hosting server.

Optimize WordPress Website/Blog/eCommerce

If you are technically sound you can make your wordpress website load faster on any server on the planet. But at the same time if you have a dedicated wordpress hosting service and you are not good at optimising your wordpress site your page load maybe worst.

Is WordPress Good for Blogging Anymore?

Honestly speaking, in 2020 there are so many options for you if you just want to blog, WordPress seems to be a bit complicated and requires periodic optimisation, a good web hosting service, and is not considered to be a secure platform, you keep receiving updates every now and then and all the plugins we install, will have access to WordPress database.

Today, there are many static site generators that let you create a blog for free and they load faster by default without any optimization whatsoever and most of them have free of cost hosting for lifetime.

I can see many bloggers are switching and migrating to static site generator and saying its an end game of WordPress era. 

You can find top static site generators here.

But one thing that WordPress offers the (UI) user interface and it is the dashboard, the admin area, which makes e-publishing easy. Anybody can master it in just a few hours.

WordPress Web Hosting Services

If you are still looking for the best WordPress web hosting service for website, blogger and eCommerce. I am going to list the best hosting web hosting options for WordPress websites that can choose from below.

Host Your Website Where Your Target Audience Live.

In order to make website pages load faster on the client’s browser you must host your website locally where your target audience is. For instance, if your audience is in UK your hosting server must be somewhere in the UK, if Your target audience is in the USA your hosting server must be somewhere in the USA, if your audience is globally you must go for a cloud hosting and you also need to have CDN and probably host at different locations.

Almost every web hosting service provider have different hosting server locations around the world, so choose wisely the hosting location.

Warning: Do not host your website in the USA if your target audience is in Europe.

providers for each hosting service type

I am not affiliated with all of them I am putting them because they are good and after observing many review websites, many Facebook groups and I also worked as a website optimization expert and optimized hundreds of WordPress website.

Shared Web Hosting for WordPress

Shared hosting business model let’s share its resources among multiple Websites. 

Shared web hosting is a kind of hosting server that is shared by multiple website owners. Shared web hosting service doesn’t offer much flexibility when it comes to customizing the web hosting server, however, there are multiple web hosting companies offering shared hosting plans that are good to get started with for beginners. Shared web hosting plans may cost between $2-5 dollars per month. These shared web hosting plans may include cPanel, phpMyAdmin to manager server like mySQL and mariadb, filemanager,  SSL certificate, one click CMS installer like softaculous, that lets you install WordPress and other CMSes, and in most cases, a website builder. Some of them may offer weekly/monthly backups.

Here is a list of shared web hosting companies that I have personally used for my own websites and for my clients.

  1. inMotion
  2. Siteground
  3. A2Hosting
  4. Dreamhost
  5. Hostgator 

Managed Cloud WordPress Hosting

Managed wordpress hosting plans are for those people who are looking for pre-optimised hosting servers for quicker page load, security, automatic wordpress update, automatic WordPress plugin updates, daily backup and most importantly technical support. 

With managed wordpress hosting you still share the resources of the server with other website owners but this server is optimised by the web hosting company for speed, security and scalability. 

In managed wordpress hosting you will not get access to cPanel and file manager, everything will be managed by the service provider. Every company uses their own set of tools and techniques to optimise and manage the hosting server for managed WordPress hosting plans.

They may offer premium plugins, premium themes and premium technical supportBut you can host only one website on one managed wordpress hosting and you also may have page-view limit between 20000 to 50000  per month.

Here is the list of managed WordPress hosting companies that offer best optimized, secure and scalable server for WordPress websites blogs and  woo-commerce that I have used personally and for my clients as well. 

  1. Liquid web
  2. WP engine
  3. inMotion
  4. Kinsta 
  5. WPVIP
  6. Flywheel
  7. Presslabs
  8. Pagely

Dedicated Web Hosting for WordPress

Dedicated web hosting plan that gets you a blank server with desired hardware configuration.

Dedicated web hosting plans give you plenty of options like installing the operating system that you want and think is the best one on the planet, Installing the server that you think is good for WordPress, it could be NGNIX or Apache. In other words it gives you full control over the server and it’s not shared with any other website owner unless you want. 

This website hosting option is really good for startups and companies those think that the data is very important and very crucial to their business and they want to make sure nobody would have access to it.

Again Dedicated web hosting also has some limitations because if you customers are coming from different countries then this may not be the right choice for you then you want to go for the cloud hosting however the dedicated web hosting plan is good for a local business a business within a particular state or a country but not for International businesses if you have huge audience from all over the world then you must go for cloud hosting.

  1. Namecheap
  2. inMotion

Reseller Web Hosting for WordPress

Reseller hosting plans for WordPress is for a freelancer or for an agency that has multiple clients and he or she has to manage all the websites of their clients. This web hosting plan gives this agency or the freelancer to manage all the websites at one server. This also gives an amazing opportunity to sell this service to his/her new clients and make money out of it. So if you are a freelancer or an agency that has multiple clients you can purchase this re-seller web hosting plan and sell it to to your clients.

  1. Namecheap
  2. inMotion

Virtual Web Hosting for WordPress

Visual web hosting method lets you host multiple websites or multiple subdomains nn a single server and these website/app domains and subdomains share the same server resources. Every web server like Apache, NGNIX, IIS  are configured differently to serve web pages for every domain or subdomain hosted on this particular server. 

Here is a list of virtual web hosting providers for WordPress. Use the following links for promo code to be applied to your first account sign up.

  1. DigitalOcean
  2. Upcloud

Colocation Web Hosting for WordPress

Colocation web hosting service is more like dedicated web hosting service. But it offers more flexibility scalability and security.  A client purchases or hires the desired hardware for his/her requirement, Installs softwares and packages that he/she thinks is going to be good for his or her website or application. Colocation Web Services offers data centres that a client has to purchase, you also get dedicated IT support engineers for your server and data centres. 

This colocation web hosting is good for startups or companies with mid/high volume traffic to their website. 

He is list of colocation web hosting service providers for WordPress.


Cloud Web Hosting for WordPress

Cloud web hosting is not like traditional web hosting. Cloud architecture has multiple data centers and has multiple virtual servers across the globe.  your website utilizes these data centers and this server or computing power of cloud whenever there is a traffic on your website. so in other words your website get on demand resources from cloud data centers and servers. 

almost all of the cloud services will charge you for utilized resources only.

He is the list of cloud web hosting  providers that support WordPress.

Clustered Web Hosting for WordPress

Clustered web hosting is a chain of servers that offers higher up time and speed to the client By utilising other physical servers and data centres within the cluster of machines. This type of hosting is good to avoid any machine faults by utilising by spreading hosting load to other machines within the cluster.

Here is the list of clustered web hosting providers for WordPress.

  1. EuroVPS

Grid Web Hosting for WordPress

Grid web hosting model is a network of multiple servers that your application or website can use at the same time. 

Grid web hosting enables applications and websites to utilise multiple servers at the same time. It could be good for multithreading tasks on your website application. 

Here is the grid web hosting providers for wordpress.

  1. MediaTemplate

Home Web Hosting for WordPress

Home web hosting for wordpress is very easy you can utilise your computer or a server if you have or you can buy one from the market.  and you can make it a web server using applications of packages for the requirement, with the help of reliable broadband internet connection.  and you can host wordpress site on it. 

Here is the list of server that you can utilize to host WordPress from anywhere in the world.


Does WordPress provide hosting?

Yes, you can host your WordPress and WooCommerce website, blog and store with

Yes, you can host your WordPress and WooCommerce website, blog and store with They have three basic hosting options for WordPress and WooCommerce websites, you can easily start with basic one first and upgrade it later on.

Which hosting service provider is best for WordPress website/blog/store?

Speed/page load matter a lot today and you are advised to go with managed WordPress hosting

Speed/page load matter a lot today and you are advised to go with managed WordPress hosting service provider like SiteGround, CloudWays, iTheme, Kinsta, WP Engine and there are many more.

How much does it cost to host a WordPress Website?

You can get started with with just $3 dollar/month and later on you can upgrade.

You can get started with with just $3 dollar/month and later on you can upgrade. Self hosted wordpress site will cost much more that wordpress hosted sites and it’ll need page load optimization.

Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting

Web Hosting servers are not optimized wordpress. And WordPress hosting servers are supposed to be pre-optimized for faster page load by the hosting company.

The main difference if page load speed that you get with WordPress Hosting providers over web hosting servers. Generally WordPress Hosting servers are optimised for WordPress CMS and in many cases for WooCommerce as well.