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Antec A30 CPU Cooler Honest Review – After Use

I am using AMD FX 6300; I have Gigabyte motherboard with AM3+ socket. However, Antec 130 CPU Cooler claims to be compatible with other sockets too — Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 and AMD FM1, AM3, AM2, AM4.

AMD FX 6300 makes noise

Here is an honest Antec A30 CPU Cooler review after using for two months. When I decided to replace CPU cooler that I got with AMD FX 6300 long back, it was summer season, because, it was making loud noise and that made sick of it.

Replaced the AMD FX 6300 CPU Fan

I was on low budget so I decided to purchase Antec A30 CPU cooler. I got it from local computer market and replaced the CPU cooler. It stopped making noise and worked good for almost a month and then my CPU started making noise again but this time noise level was lower. but this time it was not the CPU fan making noise this time it was power supply cooling fan. I bought it from amazon and changed it and it working fine now.

Power Supply Cooling Fan

Antec A30 CPU Cooler Installation

Antec A30 installation
AM3+ socket does not need this

Since, I am using AM3+ socket, I did not have to install this ring. I only had to apply the thermal grease sink paste evenly on the CPU and lock it.

I used this thermal paste, if you already have thermal paste, just put in the center of the processor and you are done.

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This is what I installed on AM3+ socket.

Antec A30 thermal paste
After using for two months

Antec A30 CPU cooler works fine. BUT

After replacing the CPU fan and power supply cooling fan there is no noise coming out of my desktop and I feel great about it.

But if you can afford a better CPU cooler then buy heavy ones. Antec A30 is very light and after a few months the cooler accumulates dust. All I am trying to say is it works but you get what you pay for.

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Should You buy Antec A30?

Yes, it works and does not make noise at all.

But if you can afford a better CPU cooler, always go for the better one and durable one. I have cleaned the dust a few times, it accumulates. It’s looks cheap but does the job. Go for it if you planning to upgrade your system in near future.

Go For….

Antec A40 Pro

Antec A40 Pro is a real deal and will drop the temperature of your CPU. Have a look at this beast first. Antec A40 has 4 heat pipes which is double to Antec A30.

Antec A40 Pro
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Antec A40 has four heat pipes that makes your CPU run faster by reducing the temperature.