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How to Install Shopify CLI 3.x

This is why you need Shopify CLI 3.0 to work with theme, app and hydrogen app. To install Shopify CLI 3.x you must have preinstalled nodejs, npm, yarn, and ruby.

Installing Shopify CLI 3

These are npm packages that you can install one by one as per your requirement. Remove sudo if not required on your OS.

sudo npm i -g @shopify/cli 
sudo npm i -g @shopify/theme
sudo npm i -g @shopify/app
sudo npm i -g @shopify/cli-hydrogen

Check Shopify version

Once you have installed Shopify npm package you can check shopify version with following command.

  1. Improved Functionality and Features:
    A new version of Shopify CLI might bring enhanced functionality, additional features, and improved performance. It could include better integration with other Shopify tools and APIs, making it easier for developers to manage and customize their Shopify stores.
  2. Better User Experience:
    Shopify CLI 3 may aim to provide a smoother and more intuitive user experience. This could involve a more streamlined interface, better error handling, and improved documentation to help users navigate and utilize the tool effectively.
  3. Enhanced Developer Productivity:
    Developers using Shopify CLI often look for ways to enhance their productivity. Shopify CLI 3 could introduce new shortcuts, automation capabilities, or more efficient ways to manage Shopify projects, reducing the time and effort required for development tasks.
  4. Compatibility and Integration:
    New versions often address compatibility issues with evolving technologies, ensuring that the CLI remains up-to-date with the latest frameworks, libraries, and tools. Integration with other development tools and platforms might also be improved in version 3.
  5. Security and Stability:
    Shopify CLI 3 may come with enhanced security features and stability improvements to ensure the safety of user data and transactions within the Shopify ecosystem.
  6. Community Feedback and Requests:
    Feedback from the developer community and users of previous versions would likely be considered in the development of Shopify CLI 3, addressing common requests, bugs, and suggestions for improvement.

It’s essential to refer to Shopify’s official documentation or recent updates to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about Shopify CLI 3 and its features. Feel free to check Shopify’s official website or community resources for the latest updates regarding Shopify CLI.