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Install Django 4.x on OpenSuse

On opensuse, you already have python3.x, pip, and venv installed, now just need to create a python virtual environment, activate it and then install python django the latest version then start creating django products and apps.

Check Python and pip versions

python --version
pip --version

Create Python Virtual ENV and activate it

To create python virtual environment and activate, follow me

python -m venv path/to/your-venv
source path/to/your-venv/bin/activate

Install Django 4.x

To install django 4.x within this activate venv, use pip to install latest version of django framework on your python virtual env

pip install django
django-admin --version 
pip list

Create Django Project

To create django project within this active python env, follow me.

django-admin startproject name_of_project
cd name_of_project
python runserver