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How to Create Drop Down Menu in Drupal 8/9

This post will help you create multi level drop down menu in Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. It’s going to be very straightforward. I assume that you already have created your menu and added menu items to your Drupal website.

Create Drupal Multi Level Menu

Go to Structure and Menu then select the menu for multi level menu. I have selected my Main Navigation.

This is very first step in order to create multilevel menu.

Make Menu Item Expandable

Now you have make the parent level menu item expandable. Click Edit tab to make changes. In my case it’s Articles.. After clicking EDIT, check the box against Show as expanded and then save it.

Good to know about Drupal Menu

When you create a menu in Drupal CMS, it also creates a block with a few configuration options.

Configure Drupal Menu

Now, go to Structure and click Block Layout. Here you locate your menu block that you want to configure to display drop down menu in Drupal.

Click configure against your menu.

Finally its time to make Drupal menu multilevel.

Select the number of level to display and check the box to expand all the menu items and don’t forget to save block.

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