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Google 2021 Algorithm Update

Google on November 10th 2020 announced that there will be a new algorithm update rolled in May 2021, that will consider page experience as a ranking factor;  that means  if your site doesn’t pass web vital scores and your pages load slow and if your competitors site load faster than your competitor mitring higher than you.

You can find out more about the announcement here.

There are few more factors that would be more important for Website Builders and site owners. 

Mobile experience is one of them, web security is another thing;  your Website must have SSL  installed.

These data will be collected through Google Chrome web browser and other Google tools.

There is one more important thing that is website owners and SEO should stop creating backlinks through guest blog posting; Google considers them deliberate link building.

A few website honours have reported traffic laws in January first week of 2021 saying that they built back-links through guest blog posting few months back and suddenly they lost 80 to 90% of traffic in January first week.

Site Owners

There are many SEO companies that are saying to their clients that any site hit  by Google algorithm update in 2021 needs to be analysed, which may be in their interest. 

If your website is hit by Google 2021 algorithm update;  you should first make sure that your website User experience is  better and   your website passes Google page speed test and lighthouse parameters.

Also make sure that you are not following any shitty link building practices like  guest blog posting. 

Write and publish regional content regularly, make sure there is enough engagement on the social media channels that are relevant to your business.

Create engaging videos and post them on social media channels and specially on YouTube channels and drive traffic to your website.

Lost Traffic?

If you’ve lost traffic due to the algorithm updates, just wait for few days and check with some other tools like ahrefs and semrush to make sure that you have actually lost traffic.

If you want to know the reason why you lost the traffic you should check whether you have lost backlinks using tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs.

If you have lost back-links then you should create awesome content to get back-links naturally.