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How to Install WordPress on Windows 10

To install WordPress we need to have a web server like apache or NGINX, PHP, MySQL installed and set to system’s path on any OS. These are system requirement for WordPress.

Steps to Follow

  1. Download & install PHP, Apache2, and MySQL (XAMPP)
  2. Download & Extract WordPress
  3. Start Apache web server and MySQL server
  4. Create a MySQL Database
  5. Copy & paste extracted WordPress in htdocs
  6. Load WordPress Installation script
  7. Feed Database Credentials
  8. Create WordPress Admin username and password
  9. Access WordPress admin dashboard

Download & Install XAMPP

To download and install apache web server, PHP, and MySQL database on Windows 10; I am going to use XAMPP package which is open source and cross platform.

Get XAMPP Server

Download Latest WordPress

Get latest version of WordPress from

In this post I’m going to show you how to download and install WordPress on your Windows 10 computer laptop so this is latest release of WordPress. To download it you simply go to on your preferred web browser then click here get WordPress button on the right top. Then you simply have to click here download WordPress.

Unzip WordPress

Once its downloaded, locate it and extract it. I’m going to extract it so after downloading WordPress you simply have to extract it on your desktop or wherever you want it to be extracted. So let it be extracted in the meanwhile we will do other stuffs.

Start Apache2 and MySQL Server

Once it’s launched you simply have to run Apache and MySQL. Start these two services, once these two services start running you can close it and to access these services you simply go to localhost in your preferred web browser. Type localhost in your web browser and press Enter and you will be landing on this dashboard.

Create A Database for WordPress

We will need a database, to create a database, click on PHPmyadmin from right top. We will create a database. To create a new database click New and just give your database a name. I have named it wp_db_demo.

We are going to user this database and localhost and database username and database password.

Here is database credentials

database name: wp_db_demo

Host: localhost

User name: root


There is no password, simply because it local development environment.

Transfer WordPress to Aapche

To run WordPress locally, we need to transfer WordPress extracted folder to apache2 server’s htdocs folder, which is public_html folder for XAMPP package.

Copy the WordPress extracted Folder and paste it in the /xampp/htdocs/your_wp_folder

Rename your WordPress folder in htdocs/ folder.

To access your local WordPress in your choice of web browser; simply visits localhost/your_wp_folder name and hit enter.

Feed Database Credentials

Click Let’s Go and feed all the database credentials and hit install.

Type in your local WordPress site name, wp-admin username and password, and your email address.

Access WordPress Admin

To access your WordPress admin area

Visit localhost/your_wp_folder/wp-admin in your web browser and enter your admin name and password and login.