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How to Install Django 3 on Windows 10

How to install Django 3 on Windows 10 tutorial. If you have Windows 7/8/8.1, you should not have any issue installing Django 3 on your system.

Download & Install Python 3.7 w/ pip

Just copy and paste this following link in your preferred internet browser tab and hit Enter. Now let it be downloaded, once Python exe file is downloaded, double click it and click Yes to allow this app to make change on your system.

Add Python to System Path

Add Python 3.7 to PATH and hit Install Now

Watch me Download & Install Python 3.7

Watch me install python 3.7.4 on Windows 10

Check python & pip version

The only requirement to install Django 3 is you should have Python 3.x installed your your Windows machine. You can Python version by running the following command on Windows command prompt.

python -V
Make you have got Python 3.x installed

Go ahead and check pip version as well. Just run the following command in your command prompt.

pip -V
pip is installed with python 3 installation by default with express installation package

Install Python Virtual Environment

It is a good practice to install python virtual environment, activate it and work within this separate python environment. Now we are going to install virtualenv and create one virtual environment, and activate it.

To install virtualenv

pip install virtualenv

After installing virtualenv, I am going to create a folder on the desktop and change the directory and in this newly created directory I am going to create the virtual environment directory and activate it, install Django 3 in this separate environment.

cd Desktop 
mkdir pybox
cd pybox

To create new Virtual Environment

mkvirtualenv env1

To activate Virtual Environment on Windows

workon env1
Virtual Environment name comes before C:\ when it is active

Let’s Install Django 3

pip install --pre django

Check Django Version

django-admin version
check django version

Create django project and run server

django-admin startproject demoapp

cd demoapp

py runserver

Now, launch your internet browser and navigate to

Watch me install Django 3

There has been some change in how python virtualenv is installed, created, and activated recently. This is why I made a new video on how install Django 3 on Windows 10/8/7.

Hope, you’ll find this video helpful.

Install Python virtualenv and Django 3

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