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Let’s discuss how to find micro niches in a desired industry and market segment of our choice and validate then whether its working for others before tapping into and launching site. This post will cover things like how to find a micro niche within a market segment to start a blog, affiliate site, YouTube channel, social media pages, and online store or drop-shipping.

Whatever is the case: whether you want to start blogging, vlogging, or drop-shipping (running online store) the idea to find a micro niche is going to be the same if your monetisation strategy is in place – you should start making money in no time and Google will start driving traffic to your site and store in just a few days.

Remember – you target audience must be willing to pay or already spending money, also your micro niche must be less competitive so that you can start getting clients and customers without spending money on advertisement and marketing. But if you are ready to invest in your micro niche, you can also go for competitive micro niches.

Places to Find Micro Niche

If you don’t want to use tools to find micro niche then there are plenty of places where you can find emerging micro niches that most niche search tools cannot find for you. So, its good idea to conduct manual research on finding micro niche to explore some less competitive micro niches.

Here are some website that

Tools to Find Micro Niche

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