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How to Start A YouTube Channel

In this post, I am going to help you discover your potential to start a niche YouTube channel that you can easily grow to make money and drive traffic to your desired pages to create email lists or sell your stuff or affiliate products.

I have a few YouTube channels but I’m able to work on just one of them and I have been running it for last five years, it generates almost $1500 adsense revenue every month, My videos don’t go viral I rank them on Google first page and on YouTube first page I get organic traffic more than anything else. And this is what I am going to explain in this post so that you can implement it to your success. 

Find Profitable Niche For Your YouTube Channel

To find a profitable niche it is very important to discover your potential first, then you should explore the available market places to find  and verify the potential of making money in that particular niche. Here are a few questions that you want to ask from yourself.

Why do you want to open a YouTube channel? It’s good to know the purpose and motive behind opening a YouTube channel in the very first place. So that you target your audience and create content for them. This will also help you create the persona of your audience and let you know many things beforehand like earning potential for your channel and competition at the same time. 

In other words, you try to find a profitable YouTube niche that will help you grow quickly and will fall under your area of interests. If this is your very first YouTube channel then it becomes even more important to discover your YouTube niche keeping your strength and weaknesses in mind.

Here I assume that you already finalized your niche for your YouTube channel now let’s go ahead and sign up for YouTube to create your channel and customise it for your niche market. 

Sign Up For YouTube and Create Channel

Customise Your YouTube Channel

Create a custom channel art, channel logo and overlay graphic. Write about your channel on the about page. 

Perform a Keyword Research to Create Videos for Your Channel 

Finding easy to rank keywords in your niche is very important initially when you are starting a blog of a YouTube channel. Initial smaller success will keep you motivated and you will like to make more videos, just because you are getting views and are found on YouTube and in some cases on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Don’t forget YouTube is the second largest search engine where people come to find useful DIY videos, how to videos, entertainment and comedy videos, and you name it. So making on the very first page of YouTube is more like you are making on the first page of Google.

How to create videos for your YouTube channel

Creating videos for YouTube channels can become complicated and lots of people will not be able to create and edit videos if they follow the complicated process of creating video content. 

Depending on the choice of selecting your YouTube niche  will determine what kind of video you have to create for the channel,  remember you video must be useful and equally good as your competitor.  So before you start creating videos for YouTube, go ahead and watch your competitors’ videos and see how they are creating videos.

You also want to make sure that you follow the latest YouTube video creation guidelines. Here are  a few kinds of videos that work well for different niches.

Edit Your YouTube Videos

There are numerous video editing softwares that you can use to edit your videos. Here is a list of video editing software commonly used by the YouTubers. 

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Filmora

YouTube SEO: Optimise Your Videos 

Optimizing video for YouTube begins from voiceover, content in the video and name of video file and video metadata.

Writing a YouTube video title with keywords you want to rank for. Writing relevant video descriptions and tags. 

Promote Your YouTube Videos

Create catchy and keller YouTube thumbnail (thumbnail size: 1280px * 720px). 

Sharing your YouTube videos on relevant social platforms and forums. 

Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and let others embed too.

Use EndScreen and Card features that YouTube offers. 

Associate your blog or website with YouTube channel.

Create Videos Regularly and Engage With Your Viewers 

Creating video regularly means that you are serious about it and YouTube algorithm recommends your videos even more. 

When somebody leaves a comment on your videos, make sure you reply to every comment initially and what’s your channel has grown to a level you are happy with. You can be choosy in replying to comments. 

Engage with your audience in the video itself, ask them questions, mention them in your videos, answer questions if they have.