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WordPress PWA Theme Creation Guide

This post will help you find WordPress PWA themes from around the web the both paid and free ones. I have been converting WordPress websites, blogs and Woo-Commerce stores since PWA was announced by Google.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)

It is very important to know the core features of a web app before you start building it. There is no rational difference between a WordPress PWA or a native PWA.

The only difference is in the process of building the PWA interface and implementing the PWA features that makes website PWA ready.

PWA features are completely plugable to any sort of website and CMS that meet the PWA software requirement.

Here are PWA requirements:

  2. Responsive Website (Mobile Ready)

How WordPress Themes Work

Any traditional WordPress theme can be converted into a PWA but the native PWA interact with the database over REST API or GraphQL.

So, when choosing a PWA Theme it is important to know how the theme is going to interact with the database.

In other words, you’ll have build or find a WordPress headless theme and add the following PWA components to your WordPress theme to make it PWA.

  1. JSON Manifest file
  2. Service Worker
  3. Specify Off-line pages

The rest happens on the fly like “Add to home” button gets generated automatically when your web app meets all the PWA software requirement.

How to go about creating WordPress Web App theme

In order to create WP Progressive Web App themes, JavaScirpt libraries like ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, and SvelteJS can speed up the process of create WordPress theme.

GraphQL over REST API

The only other thing that is required on the WordPress side is that you must have installed REST API which in now a part of the WordPress core. However, GraphQL makes more to sense to use over REST API, just because GraphQL is faster and efficient.

Why WordPress PWA Theme?

The answer is WordPress Web App Themes load pages faster on the desktop and mobile and can be install on Android, iOS, Linux Distros and Windows 10 as well.

Here are few technical SEO benefits of PWA themes

  1. Faster Page Load
  2. Off-line Page Load
  3. Native App Like Experience
  4. Good User Experience
  5. Less Maintenance

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