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FIX – Required Microdata Tags are Needed to be Installed into the Website.

FIX – Required Microdata Tags are Needed to be Installed into the Website.

If you are getting this error while connecting Shopify with Facebook commerce account catalog then this indicates that your theme is not generating microdata tags for Facebook catalog.

Depending upon your theme this can be fixed by adding custom code to generate microdata required by Facebook and I have been fixing this issue for quite some time and would be able add the custom code to Shopify theme.

I’ll also go ahead to generate microdata tags for all the products on your Shopify store and verify too with Facebook testing tool.

Microdata Tags for Shopify

If your Shopify store is missing microdata tags and Facebook app does not sync products and throws errors about missing microdata tag, that needs to be checked whether it’s the theme that is not generating correct microdata tags for your product page or generated microdata tags by your theme are not supported by Facebook anymore.

Here is a service that I offer to my clients, it’ll cost you just $40 for one store and Facebook shop setup.

I’ll troubleshoot and fix all the errors and sync all Shopify products to Facebook shop, except Facebook compliance issues.

I’ll Sync Shopify Products on Facebook Shop

I’ll fix error like

“This pixel’s microdata is incomplete or incorrectly formatted

To add items to your catalog or update them with this pixel, you must install the required microdata tags on your website”

  • Required microdata tags are needed to be installed into the website
  • A required field is missing: id
  • A required field is missing: image_link
  • These fields have missing information: google_product_category

If you would like to fix/install Facebook microdata tags on your Shopify store, kindly email your query at [email protected]