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How to Install WordPress 5.8.1 on Windows 10

This post will help in installing WordPress 5.8.1 on Windows 10 with XAMPP server that has system server requirements met by installing PHP, MySQL, and Apache2 on Windows 10. However since XAMPP Server is a cross platform package – you can follow this instructional video to install WordPress 5.8.1 on your system.

Steps to Install WordPress

  1. Download Latest Version of WordPress from
  2. Extract/unzip the downloaded package
  3. Open extracted folder and copy wordpress folder
  4. Paste wordpress folder in xampp/htdocs folder
  5. Rename wordpress to whataver
  6. Launch xampp control panel
  7. Start Apache and MySQL servers
  8. Visit localhost/phpmyadmin in your web-browser
  9. Create a new database for your wordpress installation
  10. To install wordpress visit localhost/wordpress or localhost/whataver
  11. Select Language and click continue
  12. Click Let’s go
  13. Fill in database info here (wpdb_name, root, no_password, localhost)
  14. Click Submit and then Run Installation
  15. Finally to install WordPress Name your website and create admin user
  17. Login with admin username and password.