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How I Fixed Core Web Vitals

So here is how I decided to experiment few things to fix core web vitals on my WordPress sites and after a month or so, I can see some positive results in Google Search Console for these WordPress sites that were in red category of Core Web Vitals score.

A lot of people would say if you just migrate your website to a good web hosting server, core web vitals will be fixed automatically. And believe me! I migrated my WordPress sites to best VPS hosting plans but the results were the same.. There was no improvement in the eyes of Google Search Console, however, I could notice the page load speed increased after migrating to VPS.

fixed core web vitals for desktop version
fixed core web vitals for desktop version

A lot of gurus are talking about changing the themes and installing their paid plugins to fix core web vitals. But the truth is nothing works.

If you want to fix core web vitals on your WordPress, Drupal websites, please contact me at [email protected]

The process will take between 30-50 days before Google starts showing the results in Google Search Console.

Disclaimer: If your websites are hosted on poor shared hosing servers then it may not work or you could see some improvement.

If you really want to fix Core Web Vitals then you might have to tweak a few things on the server and that is not possible on shared hosting servers.

There are many VPS hosting providers out there but I know the best ones that have worked for me. I tested a few VPS providers and found just a few of them are good for faster page load.

If you don’t know much about technical SEO but you would like to fix Core Web Vitals, you can hire me, for more email your query at [email protected]