How Do I Promote ClickBank Products on YouTube

If you have been wondering how you can start promoting ClickBank products on your YouTube channel then in this post I am going to share my success story and journey about how I got started with affiliated marketing using YouTube. It’s dead simple I am not going to complicate it, all you do to promote ClickBank products on YouTube is just create videos about the product that you firmly believe in, and share your honest opinion (pros and cons ) about the product and most importantly optimize your videos for the video title.

Well, that’s in a nut shell. Let me quickly go over how I got started promoting ClickBank product using YouTube.

How I Got Started Promoting ClickBank on YouTube

I got started promoting ClickBank products on my newly created YouTube channel just 5 months ago. (Feb 2020)

And recently my YouTube channel have started getting some momentum.

This month (July 2020) has been best so far. I did see a 25% spike in views and got 200k+ views in last 28 days.

Before I move on, I would like to tell that I make and upload videos daily and I have a few people that help me create and upload videos on my channel.

As you can see in the statistics screenshot below, my channel got 1.5M impressions in the last 28 days, a 15% spike in last 28 days then the previous period.

Now, lets talk about Subscribers.

As you can see in the stats below, the subscriber growth rate for the last 28 days has increased by 1459. I have 4.3K subscribers and will touch 5K by the end of August 2020.

The YouTube Secret Sauce

I will be very honest with you, this is my first channel, when I first uploaded videos on my channel, I used to get 0 views, 1 view on my videos and I was like “Youtube is too saturated now”.

This happens with all new YouTube Channel creators. You less views and YouTube does not even promote you initially at all.

But I someone told me about keyword research..

Until one day, I talked to a blogger and he told me that just like in blogging (He am an affiliate blogger for past 2 years), I need to conduct keyword research for the product that I want to promote on YouTube channel, you got to do research keywords before making videos on a topic.

He also suggested a few keyword research tools. Here is my favorite keyword research tool for for both Google and YouTube. Since YouTube videos rank on the main stream search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, I highly recommend this tool.

That’s when I started looking for low competition long tail keywords for my YouTube videos and these videos started getting some views from different sources.

How I am Scaling Video Production

I continued creating videos by my own until I realized that its just too hectic to make 2-3 videos on your own everyday and uploading to YouTube and optimizing them to get quick visibility. That’s when I hired a few people and I taught them to make videos using my favorite video creating software that works like charm and also told them about my requirements (voice, music volume etc.)

Best Video Creation Software

I have been using this desktop software to create all kind of videos for my YouTube and other social media channels; it is easy to create 2D & 3D animation video, doodle sketch, and motion video with this software.

Video creation requires a lots of time and money but with this software I have saved time and money. You can get started with 14 day trial and then $70 a year.

Here is your 14 day trial

Quick Tips for New YouTubers

It does not matter what you are planning to promote on your YouTube channel as long as your stick with these few things below you are going to be okay and see some result in time.

  1. Don’t give up early and upload too often #BeConsistent
  2. YouTube algorithm needs to test your content. So you need to supply them more content so that they can test it fast and suggest your videos to more people. #CreateMoreVideos
  3. Conduct Keyword Research #UseKeywordResearchTool
  4. Initially go for low competition and long tail keywords #GoForLowCompetetionKeywords
  5. Use # hash tags in your video description
  6. Write long form of video description
  7. Use YouTube Tools to find relevant tags from other ranking videos


That’s gonna be enough for now.. Let me tell you about my earning from ClickBank through my YouTube channel

My ClickBank Earnings

If you are curious about my earnings from clickbank then I have just got started and I think it’s a good start.

I have not monetized my videos with Google Adsense. So I don’t get paid from ads being displayed on my videos and that’s good, I think my views does not get distracted by Google ads. And that’s good thing.

I promote and recommend ClickBank products through my videos that’s converting. 👍

You can check the earning stats below. This channel is consistently making 30-50$ days and sometimes even 100-150$ a day as well.

I feel this channel will easily make 100-200 a day by the end of year 2020. I’ll keep updating this post.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have and ill be happy to help

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