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How to Find Relevant Expired Domains for Your Niche Site

This post will help find relevant expired domain names to your niche blog or online store for free.

Do never fall for higher DA, PA, CF, and TF when buying expired domain names for whatever purposes. Always go for relevant backlinks to expired domain that you are planning to buy.

Paid or Free Tools,

Now, there are many free and paid domain research tool in the SEO community. Few old ones are domainhumber, spamzila and expireddomains. In this SEO tutorial I am using expireddomains, which is completely free domain research tool and also has plenty of features to explore.

{ Video } Find Relevant Expired Domains for free

Registering Expired Domains

Once you have found your desired expired domains relevant to your domain, now it’s time to register your domain. There are many good domain registrars with features that might suit your requirement today but you never know if tomorrow.

Honestly speaking, I registered expired domains with namecheap, just because they have 301 permanent redirect feature available for free.

What Can I Do with Expired Domains?

There are many SEO benefits to using expired domains for you brand new blog, niche website, niche store or for your business.

  1. You will not have to wait for sandbox period
  2. Your domain will have higher DA, PA, CF, & TF
  3. You would be able to target high volume keyword from day one.
  4. Overall quick return on invesment

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