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Gem Install Rails Bundler Without Documentation

Make your ruby Gem install and Bundler update ruby gems like crazy fast with new commands. This will let you install rails and all other gems install without documentation. gem install rails –no-docs does not work.

Install Gem Without rdoc and ri

The old –no-rdoc and –no-ri have been merged into one –no-document

gem install rails --no-document

Create .gemrc file

Create .gemrc file in home directory and put the following commands and save the file.

install: --no-document
update: --no-document


gem: --no-document

Restart Terminal

After adding this command to .gemrc file, your gem install and bundle commands will not install rdoc and ri files for any gem you would install and this will make gem i and bundler update ruby gems like crazy fast.

On Linux

nano ~/.gemrc

nano will create .gemrc file in your home directory and now you’ll have to just write the following line and overwrite and save the file and restart the terminal.

gem: --no-document

On Windows 10

Just open your cmd and type open . create a file .gemrc in your user’s folder and type the same and save the file and restart the cmd.

gem: --no-document