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How to Install Shopify-CLI 2.5.x on Windows 10

This post will help download and install the latest version of ruby to install Shopify-cli 2.5.x gem on Windows 10. You can follow this instruction to install shopify cli on any windows OS as long as your windows OS support ruby 2.7 and above.

This latest version of shopify cli supports php, nodejs, and rails to create shopify apps and also shopify themes and at the same time your generate dummy data for your store with this version of shopify cli.

Install Shopify CLI on Ubuntu/Debain/Linuxmint

Here is a quick and easy to way install latest Shopify CLI tool to work with Shopify Store Theme and Apps.

You must have pre-installed latest/stable version of ruby and git on your linux system to install Shoipfy CLI.

gem install shopify-cli --no-document