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How to Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Tool – Step by Step Guide

This post will help you create a Windows 10 Bootable USB on Windows desktop or laptop. If you want to download Windows ISO file only then you would not need the Flash Drive otherwise you’ll require a Flash Drive of at least of 8 GB.

Download Windows 10 Bootable USB Tool

Microsoft offers a Windows 10 bootable USB tool that lets you download and create Windows 10 installation media on your USB easily. Let’s download this tool, it’s called Microsoft media creation tool.

Microsoft media creation tool will help us make Windows 10 bootable USB and download Windows 10 ISO file as well.

Here is the download link

On this page, you simply have to click the download button.

Once the download completes, you just run this Windows 10 setup tool. With this tool – you can do all, upgrade your Windows 10, create Windows 10 bootable USB and download Windows 10 ISO file as well.

After starting this took after a few minutes you’ll get this Microsoft license window, simply hit the Accept button on the right bottom.

This tool will take a minute or two and you will be primped with this following windows. Here select the second option and hit next button at the right bottom corner.

After clicking Next button, you will get the following window with options like Language, Edition, and Architecture types (32/64 bit).

Select your language and system type and you can also select both (32 & 64 bit) system type architecture.

Next window page will give you options to choose from USB Flash Drive and Windows 10 ISO file. I have selected USB Flash Drive option.

Here you can download Windows 10 ISO file in case you do not have a Flash Drive handy at the moment.

Once you have selected ISO or USB, click Next button at the right bottom.

Save Windows 10 ISO file

If you selected the USB Flash Drive option then make sure you have inserted the Flash Drive of at least of 8 GB.

Select the right USB and hit Next button. In case you have got more than one USB on your system.

After clicking this Next button. This tool is going to download Windows 10..

Then Create Windows 10 Media

Finally your Windows 10 Bootable USB is ready

Watch me create Windows 10 Bootable USB